Why do we take such care to name our dogs, then call them by every cute nickname we can conjure? It’s laughable!

When I adopted Cee-Cee (pictured above) from foster parents who were acting for a rescue facility, she was called Gigi. Because I didn’t know if I wanted to say “Gee-Gee”, or its French-sounding version that puts more emphasis on the soft “g”, I decided, instead, to rename her. Not wanting a name that to her would change too much, I settled on “Cee-Cee”, a compromise in sound that would make the name transition easy for her.

And, on any given day from the start of our relationship, I’ve called her “Sweetie-Cakes”, “Bratsker”, “Sweet-Pea”, “Cee-sar”, “Cee-Girl”, “Snooks”, “Susie-Q”, “Little Small”, “Sweetie-Pie”, or “Pumpkin”!

Does your dog have a nickname, or five?

Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg