Mick, my part Irish Setter

In dogdom, Setters are one of three familiar dog breeds that assist hunters in the chase for a variety of game. Their job is to find game and get it into the air by chasing it out of its natural hiding places.

Setters are known for their spectacular coats. English Setters have beautiful, long coats of orange, lemon, blue, tricolor, or liver belton, and squarish heads. Belton describes a white ground coat with darker hairs intermingling throughout the dog’s appearance.

An Irish Setter has a flaming chestnut, or mahogany, color. He also can be red and white. Gordon Setters are black with tan markings.

A.= English Setters — of England; dating as long ago as 400 years
B.= Gordon Setters–of Scotland; as far back as 1620
C.= Irish Setters–of Ireland; early 18th Century

Photo of Mick from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg