The official AKC’s “The Complete Dog Book” describes the Newfoundland dog as having “impressive physical power and (an) attractive disposition”. I found that to be completely true of Ebony, pictured ABOVE with my (then) eight-year-old granddaughter. As you can see, both are smiling. They grew up together and were fast pals.

Newfoundlands are certain to have originated in the country of Newfoundland. While their dominant breed origins is disputable and continues to be heavily debated, it is agreed that they are descendants of British dogs.

Can you name the dominant canine breeds that claim the Newfoundland as a descendant?

They are:

  • Great Pyrenees
    possibly the Boarhound (a French breed)

Some specific traits of the Newfoundland also include those of breeds other than the three in discussion.

One thing is absolutely (well, almost) certain — if you have a Newfie, this water rescue-oriented gentle giant will pull you out of your backyard swimming pool!

Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg