Story from Heaven, by Ebony
Part One…Learning the Ropes

“You’ve seen my picture, here, a couple times now. I’m Ebony, Barbara’s Newfoundland from some years ago…

“That first day ‘home’ with Barbara wasn’t going home. She took me to the veterinary’s office for something called a ‘spaying’.

“Eeeeh… The next day, Barbara came to get me from the vet’s office, and I felt kind of a sting in my underbelly. But they showed off my belly to Barbara, and she seemed pleased, and she gave me my forever name, ‘Ebony’, while the girl filled out our paperwork. I liked the name. Ebony. Like my coat.

“Well, I had to climb-jump up into that big blue, rusty van of Barbara’s again, and that hurt my slightly lame right back leg a bit, but we managed, and off we went to lunch.

“Barbara drove through MickeyD’s and got us a sack lunch, and I just knew we were going on a picnic together.

“But, first, Barbara slung the lunch bag up onto the dash board and drove over to the nearby Family Dollar store, where Barbara hopped out, saying, ‘I’ll be right back, then we’ll have something to eat.’ Then she smiled and jumped out and went into the store.

“I figured that was permission enough for me to try what was in the lunch bag, and she wouldn’t mind if I got in there first. So I ravished the bag, and left it torn open on the van floor. Once started, I hadn’t been able to stop…

“Barbara returned, stared at the shredded lunch bag, looked at me, then wordlessly turned the key in the van ignition. I had been right, I thought. That lunch actually had been mine, and she didn’t care if I ate first, and now we were on the way to get her some food, and then for a run in the picnic park!”

…All grown up

Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg