My fur-buddies over the years include the four exceptional characters BELOW:


Ebony at barely over one-year-old. She had a lot of growing to do, topping out at 124 pounds as an unbred adult female. A first swimming experience with me at Port Clinton, Ohio, is the occasion for this 1998 picture. When I adopted Ebony, she weighed 75 pounds.

At the left (ABOVE) is regal Mick (1966-1972). An Irish Setter mix, Mick was my first adopted companion. I was 20-years-old and lived in Columbus, Ohio, in my first away-from-home apartment at the time I adopted Mick.

On the right is our family dog, Smokey (1986-1997.), an English Sheep Dog/Poodle mix. I adopted him when I was raising my two children in the 1980s, and he particularly bonded with my son.


ABOVE: My current little pal, Cee-Cee, is nine-years-old. She became my adoptee in 2010, less than two years after Smokey went to Heaven, where all good dogs go.

Cee-Cee, who watches and follows my every step, is a people-lover like no other dog I’ve seen. On a daily basis, she needs to meet and greet everyone she can in our apartment building.

A Basenji and Border Terrier mix, Cee-Cee is a Pet Parade winner (2012) and garnered a Best Curly Tail Contest victory in 2013.

“All Things of Dogs” is my blog playground for all fur-babies everywhere. Each one of mine was a Humane Society adoptee, and all four held/hold a special place in my life story.

Don’t forget to help your local animal shelter and the Humane Society. They are gold mines in which loyal life companions can be found.

Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

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