AKC-registered Retrievers, Pointers, and Setters compete as show dogs in the Sporting Group, as well as perform their appointed duties in the field.

Golden Retrievers (pictured above) and Labrador Retrievers are sent out into field and stream to retrieve game already killed, or wounded, by their human hunting partners. The specialty of these hunting dogs is their “soft” mouth, a term used to refer to the ability of these animals to retrieve and carry game without puncturing it, or further damaging it.

Labs and Goldens also are among the most popular of family dogs in the United States. Goldens have various shades of wavy, golden coats, from light to quite dark. Labs, among the very shorthaired dog breeds, can be yellow, chocolate, or black.

Likely origins:
Goldens = Scotland, as early as 1853
Labs = the country of Newfoundland in Canada; records of their breed began in 1830

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